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Leading Practices

  • Logo of the Department of Transportation

    Department of Transportation (DOT)

    Established a Human Capital (HC) Council comprising all subcomponents of DOT to build collaboration and accountability across the agency. Strategic objectives, actions, metrics, and measures are tracked and reflected in the agency HCOP. HC Council me…

  • Logo of the Department of Education

    Department of Education

    Provided agency leadership with an interactive workforce dashboard with data to help recipients better understand workforce needs and developed a Workforce Maturity Model to illustrate what an effective workforce plan looks like. The Office of Human …

  • Logo of the United States Department of Agriculture

    United States Department of Agriculture

    Developed a transformational change model, which is intended to help build support from leaders to embed DEIA into systems, and structures to guide policies and decision-making processes. 

  • Logo of the State Department

    State Department

    Uses a robust modeling capability to inform planning efforts to look at workforce issues, resource-skill requirements, forecasting attrition, identifying MCOs, promotions, and current/probable staffing gaps.

  • Logo of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    Reduced time to hire from 134 days to 71 days by centralizing agency recruitment activities.  In addition, uses dashboards to consolidate data from all its Centers.  This information is used for workforce planning, to project turnover, and assess whe…

  • Logo of the Department of the Interior

    Department of the Interior

    Department of the Interior’s Office of Human Capital (OHC) Accountability team has partnered with OPM’s Office of the CIO to develop a system to support virtual accountability audits. This IT system is called the Virtual Accountability Compliance Eva…

  • Logo of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    Launched Diversity Inclusion Awareness - Leading Organizational Growth Understanding and Engagement (DIALOGUE). NRC established a diverse group of employees across agency and for 6 months, the group held weekly 3-hour sessions to explore a variety of…

  • Logo of the Department of Commerce

    Department of Commerce

    Commerce leaders regard themselves as government leaders in succession planning and have built up a strategic HR presence at the Department level.

  • Logo of Housing and Urban Development

    Housing and Urban Development

    Takes an enterprise approach to implementing its evaluation system. Leadership from the Deputy Secretary to Administrative Officers collaborate to help identify program areas ripe for evaluation; leaders participate in monthly HRStat reviews and week…

  • Logo of the National Science Foundation

    National Science Foundation

    Highly focused on use of data to create human capital strategies and drive decision making.  The agency Maturity Action Plan contains 23 action items to help them reach the Optimized level in the Evaluation System Maturity Model.

  • Logo of the Small Business Administration

    Small Business Administration

    DEIA Strategic Plan is embedded in institutional ways of measuring progress, performance, and budget and goals are aligned with the overall SBA Strategic Plan.

  • Logo of the U.S. Agency for International Development

    U.S. Agency for International Development

    Conducted a DEIA Survey that encompassed over 60% of the workforce, and expanded demographics to over 30 categories, including first generation professional status and generational cohorts.

  • Logo of the Health and Human Services

    Health and Human Services (HHS)

    Created 40 different early career pipelines in addition to using Pathways. HHS also has expanded the Public Health Fellowship program for bringing in early career talent and is using shared certificates to expedite the hiring process.

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