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Clothing Design Series 0062

Clothing Design Series, 0062

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study -- textile technology, tailoring, clothing design, clothing production, anthropometry, anatomy, or physiology.

Other Education: Successful completion of a 4-year vocational high school course in the garment trade, tailoring, or clothing design is equivalent to 1 year of general experience.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience in design, tailoring, manufacture, or modification of clothing, headgear, footgear, or handgear, or in textile technology.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience in the design and development of highly tailored outer garments or specialized occupational clothing such as aviators' and paratroopers' clothing, submarine escape suits, coveralls, field jackets, helmets, footgear, or other clothing for a particular functional or occupational purpose. Experience must have demonstrated knowledge of layout and fabrication methods. For positions at GS-9 and above, specialized experience must have involved primarily pattern making or grading.

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