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Policy, Data, Oversight Classification & Qualifications

Fingerprint Identification Series, 0072

Two-Grade Interval Positions

Individual Occupational Requirements

Experience Requirements

All positions covered by this standard require 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level in the normal line of progression as indicated below.

Grade LevelExperience
For GS-7: Work that demonstrated the ability to classify inked fingerprints by the Henry and NCIC systems.
For GS-9: Work that provided knowledge of the techniques for comparing and lifting latent fingerprints on a wide variety of evidentiary materials; and in photographing latent and inked prints, and making photographic enlargements for court demonstrations.
For GS-11: Performing difficult latent fingerprint examinations, preparing written laboratory reports based on examinations, and testifying as an expert witness in the area of latent fingerprint examinations.
For GS-12: Analyzing complex fingerprint cases and imperfect and partial latent fingerprint impressions that contain only the minimum number of points necessary to make an identification, and conducting methods development projects to improve latent fingerprint examination capabilities.
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