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Social Services Aid and Assistant Series 0186

Social Services Aid and Assistant Series, 0186

Individual Occupational Requirements

Specialized Experience (for positions at GS-4 and above)

Examples of qualifying specialized experience include:

  • Group leader in community or residential recreation or training programs.
  • Counselor in a youth summer camp.
  • Instructor in a training program for the development of job skills.
  • Work that demonstrated the ability to be responsible for and to lead and train members of a job crew.
  • Group activities leader in the Armed Services.
  • Unit leader-monitor-proctor for a dormitory group in a boarding school or other residential facility.
  • Aid or assistant to professional or specialist staff in such fields as personnel (private or government), employment guidance in a vocational or academic institution, social service, or manpower development.
  • Aid or assistant to professional or associate staff engaged in work of a social services nature in private, public welfare, government program, or community organizations, or in voluntary activities.
  • Aid or assistant to professional or specialist staff working with individuals who are addicted to or abuse alcohol and/or drugs.


Education and Training

For GS-3: Successful completion of l year of study.

For GS-4: Successful completion of 2 years of study that (a) included at least 12 semester hours of subjects directly related to the work of the position, or (b) was supplemented by experience in activities that afforded the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate the skills required by the position. (The supplementary experience may have been gained, for example, in part-time or summer employment, in volunteer social welfare or recreation programs, or in community organizations.)

For GS-5: Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree that (a) included at least 24 semester hours in any combination of subjects directly related to the work of the position; (b) included a major in social behavior, human behavior, or health care or; (c) was supplemented by specialized experience as described above for GS-4.

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