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Work Unit Supervising Series 0313

Work Unit Supervising Series, 0313

Individual Occupational Requirements

Excluded from coverage by this standard are (1) supervisory positions that require the incumbent to possess the specialized knowledge and skills of the subordinate positions and that require prior experience in the work supervised or (2) the performance of nonsupervisory duties that require the specialized knowledge and skills of another series.

Experience Requirements

For all positions in this series, applicants must have had 1 year of experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level that demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary for successful performance of supervisory duties and responsibilities appropriate to the position to be filled. Such knowledge and skill may be evidenced by assignments in which the applicant:

  • Motivated, trained, and worked effectively with subordinate employees.
  • Planned and carried out work effectively.
  • Accomplished the quality and quantity of work expected within set limits of cost and time.
  • Communicated effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Responded to and furthered management goals.
  • Developed improvements in or designed new work methods and procedures.

Experience may have been gained in a variety of assignments, such as work leader, senior clerk or technician, or through successful performance of work with significant responsibility and independence.

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