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Hospital Housekeeping Management Series 0673

Hospital Housekeeping Management Series, 0673

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate Education: Major study -- chemistry or biological sciences, sanitary science or administration, institutional sanitation or administration, hospital administration, hotel administration, public administration, business administration, or other fields related to the position.

Graduate Education: Major study -- public health or business administration with emphasis in hospital administration.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Examples of qualifying general experience include:

  • Work that provided a practical knowledge of supervision and management.
  • General administrative work in institutional or building maintenance with responsibility for employing and directing a housekeeping, laundry, or maintenance force; and responsibility for planning work schedules on both a short- and long-term basis.
  • Performance of administrative duties that included estimating budget requirements, planning expenditures of funds, estimating materials and equipment needs, supervising employees, and recommending personnel actions.
  • Teacher in a formal course of instruction related to supervision or management.
  • Work that provided a practical knowledge of methods by which bacteria and viruses are spread and of preventive and control measures.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience in two or more of the following areas, or other work related to the position to be filled:

  • Experience that demonstrated a practical working knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry, biology, and bacteriology as applied to environmental sanitation, infection control, and to the choice and use of antimicrobial agents in the disinfection, sanitization, and/or sterilization of surfaces and equipment.
  • Experience in laundry and linen management.
  • Experience in interior design management.
  • Experience that demonstrated a knowledge of waste management, including the requirements relating to hazardous, toxic, and infectious wastes and provisions for their final disposition.
  • Experience that demonstrated a knowledge of pest management, including alternative methods of control and the selection and application of chemicals.

Other: One year of formalized hospital administrative residency or internship in hospital administration or hospital housekeeping management is equivalent to 1 year of GS-5 level specialized experience.

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