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Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist Series 0648

Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist Series, 0648

Individual Occupational Requirements


Public Law 97-35 requires that persons who administer radiologic procedures meet the credentialing standards in 42 CFR Part 75. Essentially, they must (l) have successfully completed an educational program that meets or exceeds the standards described in that regulation, and is accredited by an organization recognized by the Department of Education, and (2) be certified as radiographers in their field. The following meet these requirements:

  • Persons employed by the Federal Government as radiologic personnel prior to the effective date of the regulation (January 13, 1986) who show evidence of current or fully satisfactory performance or certification of such from a licensed practitioner such as a doctor of medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, podiatry, or chiropractic who prescribes radiologic procedures to others.
  • Persons first employed by the Federal Government as radiologic personnel after the effective date of the regulation who (a) received training from institutions in a State or foreign jurisdiction that did not accredit training in that particular field at the time of graduation, or (b) practiced in a State or foreign jurisdiction that did not license that particular field or did not allow special eligibility to take a licensure examination for those who did not graduate from an accredited educational program, provided that such persons show evidence of training, experience, and competence as determined by OPM or the employing agency.

All applicants, however, must meet the requirements below.

Specialized Experience

For positions at GS-4 and above: Experience in the operation of therapeutic radiology equipment under the direction of radiotherapists or other medical officers.


Education and Training

Qualifying educational programs for radiography and radiation therapy technology are available in accredited colleges, universities, hospitals, medical schools, or postsecondary technical or vocational schools. Education or training from programs based in hospitals must have been from those hospitals that were accredited at the time of the education or training by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals or by the American Osteopathic Association.

For GS-3: Successful completion of (a) l year of study with at least 6 semester hours in any combination of the following: anatomy, biology, mathematics, chemistry, radiation physics, physiology, pathology, medical terminology, or related courses, or (b) a course for medical technicians, hospital corpsmen, medical service specialists, or hospital training obtained in a training program given by the Armed Forces or the U.S. Maritime Service under close medical and professional supervision.

For GS-4: Successful completion of a full-time training course of at least 12 months' duration in a post-high school radiation therapy technology program.

For GS-5: Successful completion of the following type of education or training qualifies for the GS-5 level: (a) a full-time training course in radiation therapy technology of at least 24 months' duration in a post-high school program (may be a 2-year junior college or a 2-year certificate program); or (b) a full-time course of study in radiation therapy technology of at least 12 months' duration in a post-high school program. (Applicants qualifying under (b) must have entered the 1-year certificate program upon completion of a radiography program, a registered nurse program, or upon completion of equivalent course work or training that was accepted as a prerequisite for entry into the radiation therapy technology program); or (c) a 4-year baccalaureate degree program in radiologic technology.

Successful completion of a course for therapeutic radiologic technicians in the Armed Forces is qualifying on a month-for-month basis up to the l year of specialized experience required for GS-5.

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