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Museum Specialist and Technician Series 1016

Museum Specialist and Technician Series, 1016

Individual Occupational Requirements

Education And Experience Requirements

The following table shows the amounts of education and/or experience required to qualify for positions covered by this standard.

GS-1 None None None
GS-2 3 months None High school graduation or equivalent
GS-3 6 months None 1 year above high school in any field of study
GS-4 1 year None 2 years above high school with 6 semester hours of related courses
GS-5 None 1 year equivalent to at least GS-4 4 years above high school leading to a bachelor's degree with major study or 24 semester hours of course work in a related field
GS-7 None 1 year equivalent to at least GS-5 1 full academic year of related graduate level education or superior academic achievement
GS-9 None 1 year equivalent to at least GS-7 2 full academic years of progressively higher level graduate education or master's or equivalent graduate degree related to the position
GS-11 and above None 1 year equivalent to at least next lower grade level in normal line of progression None

Equivalent combinations of education and experience are qualifying for all grade levels for which both education and experience are acceptable.


General Experience (for positions at GS-4 and below): Experience using the tools, techniques, procedures, or methods related to the operation of a museum or similar collection, or to the handling, storage, care, protection, or recordkeeping of such a collection. Experience may have been gained in a museum, college or university, antique shop, commercial art gallery, or other setting involving work with collections of valuable objects or specimens requiring specialized care and handling. Other types of experience may also be qualifying if appropriate to the position to be filled.

Specialized Experience (for positions at GS-5 and above): Experience related to the operation or management of a museum or similar collection of valuable objects. Examples of qualifying specialized experience include collections management, registration, cataloging, research, preservation, restoration, or conservation of collections of museum material, or other experience related to the position to be filled. Most positions require a particular subject-matter specialization, e.g., aeronautics, anthropology, art, geology, history, natural science, technology, biology, or zoology.



Undergraduate and Graduate Education: For GS-3 positions, education may have been in any field of study. For positions at GS-4 and above, related course work is required. Related fields of study include art, history, museum studies, scientific subjects, or other courses related to the position to be filled.

Test Requirements

Refer to Section V of this Manual for information about test requirements.

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