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Policy, Data, Oversight Classification & Qualifications

Technical Writing and Editing Series, 1083

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Must have included a total of 15 semester hours in an appropriate scientific, technical, or social science field(s), and at least one course above the introductory level in the field(s) covered by the position. For technical manuals and specifications writers or editors, the equivalent of 15 semester hours may have been gained through vocational or educational training above the high school level at a public, private, or Armed Forces school.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience that provided an understanding of the basic principles, practices, operations, and specialized vocabulary of the appropriate scientific, technical, or social science field(s), or with equipment or technical systems. The applicant must have acquired the ability to describe information in simple, clear language.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience that required substantial subject-matter or technical knowledge of the field. This experience must have demonstrated the ability to acquire and present technical information through independent reading, interviews with subject-matter specialists, observation of tests and experiments, interpretation of blueprints or diagrams, or other appropriate methods. Such experience may have been acquired as a writer or editor of technical reports, articles, manuals, or specifications.

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