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Agricultural Program Specialist Series 1145

Agricultural Program Specialist Series, 1145

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate Education: Major study -- economics, agricultural economics, marketing, business administration, animal or poultry science/husbandry, agronomy, soil science, or related curricula dealing with the production and distribution of farm products.

Graduate Education: Major study -- dairy science, agricultural marketing, domestic agricultural development, farm management, agronomy, or other agricultural specialty areas.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience related to the production and marketing of agricultural commodities.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience that demonstrated:

  • Knowledge of the laws and regulations governing agricultural stabilization and conservation programs and of the particular application of national policies and objectives at the State level;

  • Understanding of farming practices and customs in the United States, and of the economic needs of farm communities at the State level;

  • Knowledge of current State and Federal agricultural trends; and

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with representatives of public and private organizations, farmers' associations, and others, and to interpret regulations, programs, and policies affecting them.

Examples of qualifying specialized experience include:

  • Agricultural extension work as a subject-matter specialist, county agent, or assistant or associate county agent.

  • Teacher of vocational agriculture.

  • District director, State program specialist, or county office employee performing duties in the operational phases of farm programs such as production adjustment, price support, and conservation.

  • Experience at the county, district, or State government levels in the operational phases of farm programs of the type carried out through such agencies as the Soil Conservation Service, Farmers Home Administration, or related programs.

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