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Insurance Examining Series 1163

Insurance Examining Series, 1163

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study -- finance, business administration, economics, accounting, insurance, engineering, mathematics, banking and credit, law, real estate operations, statistics, or other fields related to the position, such as agriculture, agricultural economics, farm, livestock or ranch management, or rural sociology.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience that required gathering and analyzing facts and figures, and presenting information or conclusions in clear oral and written language; or that provided a knowledge of the principles of financial analysis or insurance laws, such as contract, property, life, casualty, or marine insurance.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience applying laws, regulations, and administrative rulings in the performance of such work as determining the kind and amount of insurance necessary to protect the security of government or comparable business loans and the interest of the borrower under loan programs; determining the ability of motor carriers to qualify as self-insurers; analyzing rates and risk classifications to determine their reasonableness; experience in insurance specialties such as casualty or marine; performing pension cost reviews; or similar duties.

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