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Patent Adviser Series 1221

Patent Adviser Series, 1221

Individual Occupational Requirements

Basic Requirements:

  1. Degree: major in a scientific, technological, or engineering field pertinent to the position to be filled, as shown in paragraph A of the individual occupational requirements for the particular series, e.g., Physics, GS-1310; Chemistry, GS-1320; etc.


  2. Combination of education and experience -- that meets the paragraph B provision of the individual occupational requirements for the particular series pertinent to the position to be filled, e.g, Physics, GS-1310; Chemistry, GS-1320; etc.


  3. Four years of scientific, technological, or engineering experience that demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental principles of the field involved in the position to be filled equivalent to that which would have been obtained through successful completion of a full 4-year degree as shown in A above.

Evaluation of Experience: Professional patent work experience that involved either the examination or the preparation and prosecution of applications for U.S. Patents; or experience gained as a Patent Attorney, Patent Adviser, Patent Examiner, Patent Classifier, Patent Interference Examiner, Patent Research and Development Examiner, Patent Examiner Specialist, or Law Examiner (Patents) is accept-able for any of the professional experience as required above.

Certain types of training and/or other experience may be substituted for specialized experience in patent work. At GS-11 and above, such substitutions may be made, however, only if the substituted training or experience involved was in the same area of science or technology as the position for which application is made.

  1. Work experience: Applicants meeting the basic requirements may substitute either of the following types of experience for specialized experience:

    1. One year of employment as a patent searcher for registered patent attorneys or agents may be substituted for the 1 year of specialized experience required for GS-7;


  2. Professional experience in a field of engineering, chemistry, physics, or biological science (or in an applied physical science closely related to the appropriate field of engineering and that required a knowledge of engineering, scientific, or technical principles and techniques, and their application) may be substituted for specialized experience up to GS-9.

  3. Legal training: Applicants who, in addition to meeting the basic requirements for GS-5, also possess a law degree from a recognized school of law, or membership in the bar of any State, territory, or the District of Columbia, should be evaluated in accordance with the provisions in the table of education and experience requirements for GS-7 and above in the "Group Coverage Qualification Standard for Professional and Scientific Positions."

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