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Educational and Vocational Training Series 1710

Educational and Vocational Training Series, 1710

Individual Occupational Requirements

Series Definition:

This series includes positions that require applying full professional knowledge of the theories, principles, and techniques of education and training to instructional and educational administration work in education programs operated by Federal agencies. Some positions also require specialized knowledge of one or more subjects in which the instruction is given.

Basic Requirements:

For Teaching Positions:

  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited or pre-accredited institution that included or was supplemented by supervised student teaching, and at least one course in each of the following areas: general psychology, human development, history and/or philosophy of education, and teaching methods at the learning level of the position to be filled, i.e., elementary or secondary learning level. For secondary school teaching positions, applicants must also have had at least 24 semester hours (or equivalent) of course work in each of the principal fields of instruction.


  2. Combination of education and experience - Applicants who have completed a full 4-year course of study in an accredited or pre-accredited college or university leading to a bachelor's degree but who do not meet the specific course requirements shown above meet minimum qualification requirements if they have completed at least one full academic year of professional teaching experience at the elementary or secondary school level as appropriate to the position to be filled. Professional teaching experience is defined as full and primary responsibility for the instruction of assigned students under general supervision in a recognized or accredited school or other accredited educational institution. This includes responsibility for preparation and presentation of lessons and the evaluation of students' progress throughout the learning period, including a determination of the students' success or failure according to established criteria.


  3. Teacher certification or licensure in a State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States.

Note: For special education teaching positions, applicants must meet the degree and course requirements shown in paragraph A above, and, in addition, must have had at least 24 semester hours (or the equivalent) of course work in special education that included at least one course covering the teaching of exceptional students and courses in the appropriate field(s) of specialization.

For School Administration Positions:

  1. Degree: that was supplemented by professional teaching or staff experience at the elementary or secondary levels that demonstrated thorough knowledge of the operation of educational programs at the elementary or secondary levels, and completion of at least one semester or the equivalent of graduate-level course work in school administration or school management, and/or curriculum development.


  2. Possession of a permanent license or certificate for school administrator (either elementary or secondary) issued by a State, the District of Columbia, or one of the territories or possessions of the United States.
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