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Wage and Hour Investigation Series 1849

Wage and Hour Investigation Series, 1849

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate Education: Major study -- any field.

Graduate Education: Major study -- industrial relations, personnel administration, or other fields related to the position such as business administration, labor economics, or law.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience that demonstrated the ability to understand legal provisions, regulations, and general principles and concepts, and to apply them to specific situations; to analyze verbal and numerical data, draw conclusions, and make decisions; and to present information or conclusions in clear oral and/or written language.

Specialized Experience:

For GS-7 positions: Applicants must meet at least two of the following three specialized criteria requirements:

  • General knowledge of Federal wage and hour labor laws, industrial occupations, wage scales, employment practices, or salary and wage administration practices.
  • Skill in analyzing written/verbal information and numerical data and making decisions on issues based on interviews, records review, reconstruction of missing or fraudulent records and applying legal or regulatory provisions, precedents, and principles to specific investigative matters.
  • Skill in personal contacts requiring the ability to explain requirements or rights and obtain information and cooperation from people with diverse backgrounds and levels of understanding, reconcile conflicting interests, and persuade others to comply voluntarily with requirements.

For positions at GS-9 and above: In addition to the criteria specified above for GS-7, applicants must have knowledge of and ability to apply the provisions of Federal wage and hour labor laws pertaining to wages, hours of work, or related conditions of employment.

Examples of qualifying specialized experience include:

  • Developing, interpreting, or applying policies, procedures, and operating standards in determining compliance for an organization or government-based program.
  • Conducting interviews and providing information about laws and/or regulations.
  • Industrial personnel or salary and wage administration or responsible work in a certified public accounting firm.
  • Analyzing or applying labor legislation.
  • Reviewing and evaluating operations and procedures through analysis, audits, or surveillance inspections.
  • Federal, State, or self-regulatory agency work involving obtaining compliance with appropriate program requirements.

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