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Data, Analysis & Documentation Employee Surveys

Results of the Federal Employee Benefits Survey

The Federal Employee Benefits Survey (FEBS) is the primary employee benefit data collection tool. The FEBS was designed to measure the importance, adequacy and value of employee benefits to ensure that available benefits align with best practices and employee needs. The FEBS results help the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) determine the extent to which Federal employees understand the flexibilities and benefits available to them. The FEBS also captures information on employee health, tobacco use and cessation, employee understanding of benefit programs, and the impact benefit programs may have on employee recruitment and retention. The results of the FEBS help shape benefit program design and policy development across the Federal Government.

2017 Federal Employees Benefits Survey results:

2016 Federal Employees Benefits Survey results:

2013 Federal Employees Benefits Survey results:

2006 Survey Results Presentation and survey results:

2004 Survey Results Presentation and survey results:

Results of the Federal Annuitant Benefits Survey

The Federal Annuitant Benefits Survey (FABS) is designed to gather feedback from retirees about ease and timeliness of health care, prescription drug coverage, the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program, tobacco use, and health and wellness.

2016 Federal Annuitant Benefits Survey results:

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