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Hiring Process Analysis Tool

Hiring Process Analysis Tool

OPM Hiring Process Model

One of the greatest challenges for a hiring manager is getting the right person on board in the least amount of time. If the Hiring Process moves too quickly, a qualified candidate may be overlooked. Conversely, if the process moves too slowly, the best candidate may lose interest in the position or may accept a different job.

This timeline tool is based on a generic process model for conducting efficient, high-quality hiring. Your agency may have more, fewer, or a different order of steps. However, OPM's model will help you identify similar steps in your process and diagnose areas of greatest need for improvement.

Here is how the tool works:

  • First, you'll explore each step in the OPM hiring process model and the recommended days to complete each step.
  • Second, you'll enter the number of days your agency actually takes to complete each step. As you progress, you'll learn which steps may be the highest priorities for your agency to adjust.
  • Third, you'll learn which of your steps deviate the most from the OPM model.

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