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Receive Applications and Notify Applicants

Hiring Process Analysis Tool

Step 6: Receive Applications and Notify Applicants

The Receive Applications and Notify Applicants element is performed by the Human Resources Office. This element takes 10 days to complete after the close date of the job opportunity announcement.

Some things to keep in mind when receiving applications and notifying applicants include:

  • Use an automated staffing system that provides for reasonable accommodation in the application and hiring process for individuals with disabilities;
  • Take into account individuals who do not have internet access;
  • Accept applications with supporting documentation only during the open period of the job announcement;
  • Document receipt of the applications by date stamping on hard copies or with electronic date markers; and
  • Always notify applicants of receipt of their application in accordance with the Pledge to Applicants.

OPM Steps: 10
OPM Total Days: 20

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