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Pay & Leave Claim Decisions

Office of the General Counsel

Matter of: [Claimant]
File Number: 00-0015
Date: September 8, 2000

OPM Contact: Melissa Drummond

[Claimant's Name and Address]

Dear [Claimant]:

This responds to your July 16, 2000 request, which I received on July 21, 2000. You requested monetary reimbursement of insurance overpayment as an employee of the [agency].

On July 25, 2000, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requested an administrative report concerning your claim from the [agency component] in [city, state]. On September 5, 2000, [acronym] informed OPM that the agency has processed a monetary reimbursement for you and that you have confirmed receipt of this refund from the agency.

Based on this information, we are closing our files concerning your claim.


Melissa A. Drummond
Program Manager

cc: [Agency name and address]

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