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How to comply with P.L. 103-89

Instructions: How to comply with P.L. 103-89

On September 30, 1993, Public Law 103-89, The Performance Management and Recognition System Termination Act of 1993, was enacted. This law terminated the Performance Management and Recognition System (PMRS) effective November 1, 1993.

From that date forward, promotion, change to a lower grade, a break in service of more than 3 days, transfer to another agency, or reassignment to a non-supervisory or non-management position will end an employee's coverage under the provisions of the PMRS Termination Act of 1993. At that time, the agency will adjust the employee's rate of basic pay to the designated GS step rate that meets or exceeds the current rate of pay, not to exceed step 10. When processing the personnel action that results in the employee's placement at a designated GS step rate and shift back to the GS pay plan code, the agency should include a remark on the SF 50 that this action terminates the employee's coverage under the provisions of P.L. 103-89 and the use of the GM pay plan code.

The links below present information on how agencies should move their PMRS employees into their agency Performance Management System (PMS) and the General Schedule pay plan.

Any additional questions that you may have should be directed as follows:

  • PMRS Termination and Transition Issues - Performance Management Group, Center for Performance and Pay Systems, (202-606-2720).

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