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Ana Hinojosa

Ana Hinojosa

Customs and Border Protection

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Every day has been a wonderful adventure for me"
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How important is it to have a mentor?

“Mentoring is a word that gets used and not supported enough. I relied on mentors early on. It was my supervisors or a more senior peer who guided me when I could have done something a little better. As I progressed in my career, I found mentors, not necessarily in my career chain, but even people outside of my chain of command, people who saw me in a different setting and saw some value or potential in me.””

As a leader, how important is having engaged employees in helping you provide excellent customer service?

“It’s important that every day we demonstrate that we are good stewards of that taxpayer’s dollar. We have to have good systems in place to ensure that employees are doing the very best that they can to accomplish the mission of the agency and to maintain the faith the American public has in their government.”

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