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Department of Energy

Presidential Rank Awards

Department of Energy

Dennis M. Miotla
AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Distinguished Executive
Dennis M. Miotla
Chief Operating Officer for DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy
Mr. Dennis Miotla is responsible for helping to direct the $900 million US nuclear energy R&D program supported by over 5,000 federal and contactor employees. He has served in executive positions in both civilian and defense nuclear positions for over 15 years.

Distinguished Executive

  • Robert Corbin
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Petroleum Reserves
    Mr. Bob Corbin is the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Petroleum Reserves, with responsibility for leadership and management of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
  • Jack Craig Jr.
    Manager, Savannah River Operations Office
    Mr. Jack Craig is the Manager of DOE’s Savannah River Operations Office. He is oversees the operations of this complex environmental management site and leads an 11,000 federal and contractor workforce.
  • Gregory Delwiche
    Deputy Administrator of Bonneville Power Administration
    Over his 15-year executive tenure at the Bonneville Power Administration, Mr. Greg Delwiche has served in numerous critical leadership roles and is currently Deputy Administrator.
  • Steven Erhart
    Manager, National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office
    Mr. Steve Erhart has 27 years’ experience managing complex, hazardous nuclear operations and is currently the Director of Policy for the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Meritorious Executive

  • Tracey Bishop
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Facility Operations
    Ms. Tracey Bishop has 24 years of experience managing nuclear facilities in the Energy Department, and currently oversees Nuclear Energy’s infrastructure programs totaling $300+ million.
  • Kathleen B. Hogan
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency
    Dr. Kathleen Hogan is a national leader on energy efficiency and climate change over her more than 15-year SES career at the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE.
  • Joseph McBrearty
    Deputy Director for Field Operations, Office of Science
    Mr. Joseph McBrearty is the Deputy Director, Field Operations in DOE’s Office of Science, following a 30 year career as a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submariner. He is responsible for all contracting actions within Science and oversight of operations at 10 DOE National Laboratories.
  • Sunita Satyapal
    Director, Fuel Cell Technologies Office
    Dr. Sunita Satyapal is the Director of DOE's Fuel Cell Technologies Office, overseeing $100 million per year in hydrogen and fuel cell research and development.
  • Thomas Vavoso
    Director, Reactor Engineering Division
    Mr. Thomas Vavoso is responsible for all operating submarine and aircraft carrier reactors and design/manufacture of new reactors for FORD, VIRGINIA and OHIO-Replacement class ships.
  • Thomas Williams
    Assistant Inspector General for Management and Policy
    Mr. Thomas Williams is Assistant Inspector General for Management and Policy at DOL. He has served in SES leadership positions at DHHS, DOE, and DOL. (Mr. Thomas' current agency is Department of Labor, Office of the Inspector General.)

Note: This is not a comprehensive list and only includes winners agreeing to public recognition, as of December 15, 2015.

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