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Department of the Army

Presidential Rank Awards

Department of the Army

John B. Nerger
AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Distinguished Executive
John B. Nerger
Executive Deputy to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command
Mr. Nerger was responsible for Army’s materiel life cycle management, to include personnel and resource management of nearly 65,000 employees and $40 billion. He oversaw research and development, science and technology, command intelligence and counter-intelligence that resulted in technologies that spanned the globe, providing Warfighters a decisive edge.

Distinguished Executive

  • Craig R. Schmauder
    Deputy General Counsel – Installations, Environment & Civil Works, Office of the Army General Counsel, Headquarters, Department of the Army
    Mr. Schmauder advises the Secretariat on legal matters involving Army installations and facilities, the environment, Civil Works construction, cultural and natural resources, and Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Robert E. Slockbower
    Division Programs Director, Southwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Mr. Slockbower is responsible for developing and executing Civil Works, Military, Hazardous, and Toxic and Radiological Waste programs for the Southwestern Division of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Meritorious Executive

  • Peter B. Bechtel
    Director, Capabilities Integration, Prioritization and Analysis
    Mr. Bechtel is responsible for development, prioritization, and validation of Army’s current and future requirements; budgeting and resource prioritization recommendations to the G-3/5/7; and capability portfolio management oversight.
  • Bruce A. Busler
    Executive Director, Transportation Engineering Agency, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and Director, Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center, United States Transportation Command
    Mr. Busler supports the DoD for all transportation engineering policies and strategies, including programs for national defense such as defense access roads, highways and seaports.
  • Gwendolyn R. DeFilippi
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel)/Director, Civilian Senior Leader Management Office, Assistant Secretary of the Army, (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
    Ms. DeFilippi is the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Army on the Army’s Civilian Personnel matters and provides agency-wide leadership and total personnel servicing in Executive Resources.
  • Stuart A. Hazlett
    Director of Contracting, National Contracting Organization, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Mr. Hazlett serves as principal acquisition and contracting advisor, overseeing all USACE contracting operations and serves as the liaison between USACE and state and local governments, academia, foreign nations and other agencies.
  • David M. Markowitz
    Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, G-3/5/7
    Dr. Markowitz is responsible for operations and strategic planning for the Department of Army: formulating Army-wide operational policy; and providing strategic directions on Army strategy and plans, force management, current operations.
  • Dean E. Pfoltzer
    Director, Policy and Resources/Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Office, G-6, Headquarters, Department of the Army
    Mr. Pfoltzer develops and implements a cohesive and synchronized strategy for providing information management/information technology capabilities, governance, and policy to the Army.

Distinguished Senior Professional

  • Peter J. Reynolds
    Senior Research Scientist (Physical Sciences), U.S. Army Research Laboratory
    Dr. Reynolds leads research in quantum information sciences; chemical/biological sensors; photonics and acoustics; novel optics; quantum phenomena; nanotechnology; biotechnology; power generation, storage and conditioning; and protection/lethality.

Meritorious Senior Professional

  • Jaques Reifman
    Senior Research Scientist (Advanced Medical Technology), U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
    Dr. Reifman leads research and development in bioinformatics, computer-based decision support, computer modeling and simulation, systems biology and biological networks, and medical computer science technologies.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list and only includes winners agreeing to public recognition, as of December 15, 2015.

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