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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Presidential Rank Awards

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Amanda M. Mitskevich
AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Meritorious Executive
Amanda M. Mitskevich
Manager, Launch Services Program, Kennedy Space Center
As the Manager of NASA's Launch Services Program, Ms. Mitskevich is highly regarded for her organization's work during an extremely dynamic time in the launch industry. Her passion, dedication, innovation, and exceptional leadership have been instrumental in enabling the Program's success in launching numerous NASA spacecraft.

Distinguished Executive

  • William H. Gerstenmaier
    Associate Administrator, Human Exploration & Operations, NASA Headquarters
    Mr. Gerstenmaier provides strategic direction to NASA's human exploration and provides programmatic direction for the operation and utilization of the International Space Station (ISS).
  • Richard J. Gilbrech
    Director, John C. Stennis Space Center
    Dr. Gilbrech, Director of the John C. Stennis Space Center, has made key contributions to the nation’s Space Shuttle and Space Launch System programs.

Meritorious Executive

  • Gregory D. Blaney
    Director, Independent Verification and Validation Program, NASA Headquarters
    Gregory D. Blaney, Director of NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation Program, ensures the safety and cost-effectiveness of NASA’s mission critical software.
  • Michael J. Bolger
    Manager, Grounds Systems Development and Operations Program, Kennedy Space Center
    Mr. Bolger has served the Government for 30 years. He currently leads launch site infrastructure upgrades in preparation for NASA’s Journey to Mars.
  • Jeri L. Buchholz
    Assistant Administrator, Office of Human Capital Management (Retired)
    Ms. Buchholz has more than 30 years of providing leading-edge human resources and human capital solutions at NASA, NRC, OFHEO, USITC, and NGA.
  • Stephen F. Cash
    Director, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate, Marshall Space Flight Center
    A 32-year NASA veteran making profound and lasting impact on mission success, particularly safe and successful execution and retirement of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program.
  • George B. Finelli
    Director, Aeronautics Research Directorate, Langley Research Center
    A 35-year NASA veteran contributing to key technologies that improve safety, performance, minimize environmental impact of aircraft, and expand the Nation’s air transportation system capacity.
  • Bradley Flick
    Director for Research and Engineering, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
    Bradley Flick has proudly served at NASA since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University in 1986.
  • Robert Jacobs
    Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters
    Robert Jacobs’ communications career has been honored with technology and television’s highest awards, and recognized with four NASA medals for exceptional achievement and leadership.
  • Mark Kirasich
    Manager, Orion Program, Johnson Space Center
    A 32-year veteran of NASA as a member of the Space Shuttle flight operations team, Mr. Kirasich has rapidly progressed to become NASA’s Orion Program Manager.
  • Ajay K. Misra
    Chief, Materials and Structures Division, Glenn Research Center
    Dr. Misra has provided exceptional vision and executive leadership to create a robust materials and structures technology portfolio for current and future NASA missions.
  • David F. Mitchell
    Director, Flight Projects Directorate, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Over 25 years of managerial and technical experience with NASA in the successful delivery of GSFC flight project missions in support of the Agency and nation’s scientific goals.
  • Patrick E. Scheuermann
    Director, Marshall Space Flight Center (Retired)
    A 27-year NASA veteran providing high-level executive leadership and making key contributions to enable successful execution of the Agency’s strategic science and exploration goals.

Meritorious Senior Professional

  • Nancy J. Currie
    Principal Engineer, NASA Engineering and Safety Center
    Dr. Nancy Currie is a Principal Engineer in the NASA Engineering and Safety Center. A veteran astronaut, she flew on four space shuttle missions.
  • Murzy Jhabvala
    Chief Engineer for Solid State Development, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Led multiple NASA mission-enabling technology developments ranging from the design and fabrication of microelectronic circuits for over 40 years.

Note: This is not a comprehensive list and only includes winners agreeing to public recognition, as of December 15, 2015.

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