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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services during Hurricane Sandy

What services does the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provide and how do I reach my EAP?

EAP services can be helpful in providing confidential counseling and coaching with experienced, licensed counselors - including legal and financial consultation.

Federal EAPs at each agency have a team of professionals available to provide, support, referrals, and information for a wide range of emergency services.

Federal employees are advised to contact their agency's EAP office or consult their agency's internet or intranet if they need services. In addition, employees are also strongly encouraged to seek services available in their local community.

Many Federal agency EAPs are serviced by Federal Occupational Health (FOH), a division of HHS. Employees who know their agency uses FOH as a provider may contact their toll free EAP phone number (800) 222-0364 (TTY 888- 262-7848) to find out how to access EAP services. In addition the list below provides contact information for each agency EAP coordinator. Employees may contact their agency EAP coordinator directly to obtain access to their EAP provider.

What resources are available if a Federal employee needs financial assistance during this time?

Some agency employee assistance programs (EAP) include financial consultation services. In addition, employees may want to contact their financial institution, credit union or learn about their options through the Thrift Savings Plan and other resources.

Agency EAP Contacts

The following contacts are for Federal agencies with employees that are affected by hurricane Sandy.

Agency EAP Contact Name EAP Phone Number
Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bonnie Droter 202-720-0412 
Department of Energy (DOE) Evelyn Joy 202-586-8420
Department of Air Force John Christie 703-607-1458
Department of Commerce General EAP 202-482-1569
Department of Army Bruce McFadden 757-878-2924
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Paul Ullman 202-418-5692
General Services Administration Cheryl D. George 202-708-5353
National Credit Union Administration Connie Beverly 703-518-6515
Department of Defense Denise P. Michel 703-767-1032
Department of Justice John Anderson 202-307-9370
Department of Labor Maria A. Jordan 202- 693-7613
Department of Education Cynthia Wagner 202-401-7464
Environmental Protection Agency Diane T. Johnson 202-564-7858
Federal Communications Commission Ayisha Slaughter 202-418-0115
Department of Health and Human Services Jeffrey Mintzer 800-222-0364
Department of Homeland Security Fairy White 202-233-2308
National Labor Relations Board Michael Gonzalez 202-273-3988
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Catherine Angotti 202-358-1794
National Archives and Records Administration Sylvia Windsor-Roy 301-837-3214
National Council on Disability Stacey Brown 202-272-2004
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Sarah Linnerooth 301-415-7113
Department of the Navy Cherlyn Monk 202-781-4404
Office of Personnel Management Karen Nahas 202- 418-9915
Railroad Retirement Board Marguerite V. Daniels 312-751-4384
Small Business Administration Shawn L. Thompson 202-205-7735
Securities and Exchange Commission Liz Hamel 202-551-4112
Smithsonian Institution Debbie D. Burney 202-633-1099
Department of State Stanley Piotroski MD 202-663-1815
Social Security Administration Carla Barry 410-965-1010
National Transportation Safety Board Sharon Bryson 202- 314-6188
Department of Transportation Tonya Templeton 202-366-0798
Department of Treasury CJ Hobbs 202-622-0472
Department of Veterans Affairs Adrienne Williams 202-461-5931
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