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Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

Benefits & Policies

Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Program

During an emergency, do not worry about your FEHB health benefits. Your benefits will continue regardless of the severity of the crisis. We have many health plans in the FEHB Program on which we can rely to make sure your benefits continue uninterrupted. During an emergency, continue to see your medical providers as you have previously done. Contact your health plan or go directly to the emergency room or other health care provider for services if for some reason you cannot contact your provider for needed services. In certain situations, we will ask our health plans to demonstrate maximum flexibility to assure your benefits coverage, including the following:

  • Fee-for-service carriers will be expected to relax certain provisions, such as their pre-certification requirement that the plan must be notified within two business days of an emergency admission.
  • Fee-for-service carriers and HMOs will be expected to relax requirements about notification and levels of benefit payment if members are taken to non-plan and/or non-PPO hospitals or other treatment centers.
  • Carriers will be expected to make certain FEHB members get additional supplies of medications as backup for emergency situations if necessary.
  • Though charges for work-related injuries sustained by Federal workers are payable by the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), we are encouraging FEHB plans to provide immediate payment and seek subsequent reimbursement from OWCP.

During an emergency, you may continue to use medical providers, and your plan will reimburse you or pay your providers directly for covered services if you are covered by a fee-for-service plan. Present your ID card to your provider when you receive services. If you do not have your ID card, you or your provider should call your plan to verify your coverage.

If you are covered by an HMO, you should continue to use the HMO's medical providers as before and contact your HMO customer service representative for any questions about out-of-area services.

You can find names, telephone numbers, and website links for FEHB plans that serve the affected area are below:

StatePlan NamePhone
FEHB Plans
CT Aetna HealthFund 877-459-6604
NJ Aetna HealthFund 877-459-6604
NJ Aetna Open Access 877-459-6604
NJ GHI Health Plan 212-501-4444
NY Aetna HealthFund 877-459-6604
NY Aetna Open Access 877-459-6604
NY Blue Choice 800-462-0108
NY CDPHP Universal Benefits, Inc. 877-269-2134
NY GHI Health Plan 212-501-4444
NY GHI HMO Select 877-244-4466
NY HIP of Greater New York 800-HIP-TALK
NY Independent Health Assoc 800-501-3439
NY MVP Health Care 888-687-6277
RI Aetna HealthFund 877-459-6604
Nationwide APWU Health Plan 800-222-2798
Nationwide Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan  
Nationwide Compass Rose Health Plan 800-769-6953
Nationwide Foreign Service Benefit Plan 202-833-4910
Nationwide GEHA Benefit Plan 800-821-6136
Nationwide GEHA High Deductible Health Plan 800-821-6136
Nationwide MHBP - Consumer Option 800-694-9901
Nationwide MHBP - Std 800-410-7778
Nationwide MHBP - Value Plan 800-410-7778
Nationwide NALC 888-636-6252
Nationwide Panama Canal Area Benefit Plan 800-424-8196
Nationwide Rural Carrier Benefit Plan 800-638-8432
Nationwide SAMBA 800-638-6589

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