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Benefits for Federal employees and eligible family members remain unchanged during a public health emergency such as a pandemic influenza outbreak. The OPM Website has a wealth of information about employee and family support benefits and policies.

  • Retirement -Information about retirement benefits and making changes in annuity payments for current and former employees of the Federal Government.
  • Health Insurance - Information about the world's largest employer-sponsored group health insurance program (for Federal employees, retirees, former employees, family members, and former spouses).
  • Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) -Information about the world's largest group life insurance program (for Federal employees, retirees, and family members).
  • Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) - Information about long-term insurance for current and retired Federal Government employees and their families.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - Information about the Federal Flexible Spending Accounts Program (FSAFEDS), including flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for employees who work for an executive branch agency or an agency that has adopted the Federal Flexible Benefits Plan ("FedFlex").
  • Work/Life Enrichments - Information about work/life programs and policies designed to create more flexible, responsive work environments supportive of commitments to community, home, and loved ones.
  • Survivor Benefits - Information about survivor life Insurance benefits for Federal employees, annuitants or compensationers enrolled in the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program.

This material focuses on benefits issues Federal employees, retirees and their survivors may face as a result of an emergency such as a hurricane, pandemic health crisis, or terrorist attack. In the event of a pandemic health crisis, benefit procedures may be affected and it is important for federal employees to understand these changes. Please use the navigation to the left to learn about receiving benefits during a pandemic including health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits as well as guidance on how to apply for these benefits.

Employees or their survivors should seek more detailed information from their employing agency, which has the employee's records. Employing agencies also have needed forms and can provide assistance in completing them.

Emergency information will be posted on OPM's Website. Please call the main OPM Retirement and Insurance phone at 1- 888-767-6738 during non-emergency periods.

You may obtain copies of retirement pamphlets and additional Federal benefits information on OPM's Website. You will find pamphlets on a variety of topics, such as CSRS Offset, CSRS and FERS survivor benefits, and more detailed information on the topics covered here.

During a pandemic health crisis, managers are critical to an agency's ability to accomplish their mission. This website is designed to provide Federal managers with a summary of the facts and sources of information that they should relay to their employees. The navigation on the left includes links to information on how a manger should prepare for a pandemic health crisis, how to address the issues of employees that appear ill and much more.

Emergency Benefits Applications

Applying for Benefits During An Emergency

Employees should always attempt to contact their servicing human resources office to apply for any benefits listed on this site. Employees and their survivors should try to work through the agency human resources office even though some information and applications are available online. The employees' human resources and payroll offices provide OPM with important information so OPM can make prompt and accurate annuity payments.

Retirement Benefits

Information about applying for retirement benefits can be found on OPM's Website .

CSRS or FERS employees should read the section called "Applying for Retirement." This section provides general information on what to expect as you move through the retirement process. CSRS retirees should submit a retirement application (Standard Form 2801) through their servicing human resources office. FERS retirees should submit a retirement application (Standard Form 3107). 

Death Benefits

To report a death of an annuitant or an employee, call OPM at 1-888-767-6738 or or go to the website. Click on "Report an Annuitant's Death" or "Report an Employee's Death" and fill out the online report. Calling OPM or filling out the online report of death will start the survivor benefit payment process. However, if the deceased is an employee, OPM will still need to receive important documentation from the former agency to finalize the survivor benefits.

Social Security Benefits

You may apply for Social Security retirement benefits online or by phone at 1 800-772-1213. When applying for Social Security benefits, the following information must be provided: Social Security number, birth certificate, W-2 forms or self employment tax return for last year, military discharge papers, the name of your bank, and your account number (to ensure benefits will be directly deposited into your account.

Thrift Savings Plan

In the event of major national or regional emergency, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) may offer various emergency relief options, such as financial hardship in-service withdrawals. To find out information about emergency relief products offered by TSP or to find out information on the benefits payable to survivors of Federal employees who participate in TSP, call 1-877-968-3778 or visit the Thrift Savings Plan website.

Office of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' compensation benefits are administered by the Department of Labor. To apply for workers' compensation benefits, contact the local servicing human resources office. Information on workers' compensation benefits for Federal employees can be found on the website.

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