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Policy, Data, Oversight Diversity & Inclusion



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ODI is responsible for reviewing and evaluating plans, reports, and programs for conformance with various laws, regulations, and directives relating to diversity and inclusion.

ODI prepares program reviews and annual accomplishment reports for such programs as the Federal Equal Opportunity and Recruitment Program, the Hispanic Employment Program, and the People with Disabilities Employment Program.

In addition, OPM's Federal Employment Statistics and FedScope are the authoritative sources for statistical information on the size and composition of the Federal civilian workforce. We offer customers free electronic publications that contain hundreds of tables and charts; and specialized services (fee may be required) for customers who need additional data or statistics.

Employment Statistical Reports

Reports to the President

Disability Employment Statistical Reports

We are responsible for providing regular reports to the President, the heads of agencies, and the public on the progress of Federal employment for people with disabilities. The report is prepared in compliance with Executive Order 13548, Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities, and contains information on the representation of people with disabilities within the Federal Government and best practices of Federal agencies.

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