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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility


All agencies developed and communicated DEIA strategic plans and are making progress toward their goals. Successful agency DEIA efforts involve wide-reaching communication and collaboration efforts. Many agencies are incorporating DEIA outcomes into performance standards for managers, supervisors, and executives to enhance accountability. Agencies also report progress promoting DEIA within their culture by focusing on employee engagement and facilitating conversations related to DEIA. Most agencies report an increased focus on attracting early career talent with an emphasis on outreach to Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). Agencies report an increase in the use of dashboards to enhance frequency and timeliness of workforce data reporting and to track progress of DEIA initiatives.


The sustainability of DEIA programs is in question due to a lack of dedicated funding, vacant Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) positions, understaffed DEIA offices, and dispersion of DEIA work, goals, and roles. Other challenges include the insularity of some agency cultures or the widespread geographic dispersion of their workforce. In some cases, there is a lack of coordination on DEIA efforts across agency subcomponents. Analysis of agency demographic data is needed to assess progress, evaluate root causes, and build evidence on key questions regarding DEIA initiatives, but access to and the capacity to use that data is currently a challenge.

Agency Requests for OPM

Agencies requested OPM provide additional education and awareness about the meaning of DEIA. Agencies stated they would benefit from additional clarity on roles and objectives among DEIA stakeholders. Agencies expressed a need for updated data standards related to race and national origin and information about expanding EHRI data categories to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Agencies would like guidance from OPM on how to analyze their applicant flow data and guidance on how to conduct pay equity studies. Agencies also requested DEIA job series with defined competencies to aid in recruitment and asked OPM for clear guidance on how to report progress on their DEIA strategic plans.

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