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Executive Women in Motion (EWIM)

Pathways to the Senior Executive Service Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance for hosting Executive Women in Motion (EWIM) sessions with the intent to strengthen and increase interest and application to the Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service (SES).

The EWIM program is a leadership education and recruitment strategy implemented by OPM in 2014. EWIM’s purpose supports  the White House Initiative, Equal Futures Partnership, and encourages senior employees, male and female, with leadership potential to pursue a career path in the SES.

Across the Nation, Federal employees and agencies value the EWIM program as a resource in preparing for leadership roles. Institutionalizing EWIM as a strategic workforce strategy is an ongoing process for Federal agencies and Federal Executive Board (FEB) communities. EWIM is a training tool for building leadership in the Federal Government and provides the following:

  • Background information
  • Roles for host agency and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  • Planning checklist
  • Sample SES mentor recruitment messages, agendas, announcements, and OPM resources for EWIM
    Phase I or II sessions

Executive Women in Motion (EWIM): Pathways to the Senior Executive Service Toolkit

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