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Office of the General Counsel

OPM Contact: Melissa Drummond
[claimant's name and address]
Re: Claim No. 00-0019

Dear [claimant]:

This responds to your August 15, 2000 claim, which you filed with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). You requested review and consideration of your claim for the restoration of 64 hours of forfeited annual leave. In a September 26, 2000 telephone conversation with you, I determined that your agency had not rendered a decision on your claim. Based on our regulations, we could not accept your claim until after your agency had denied the claim. For this reason, I informed you in an October 6, 2000 letter that we would be forwarding your claim to your employing agency, [agency].

In a letter dated November 24, 2000, the [agency] has rendered a decision on your claim. They have determined that an exigency of public business did exist during the claim period and that 64 hours of forfeited annual leave should be restored to you.

Based on this information, we are closing our files concerning your claim. We appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance to you in this matter.


Melissa A. Drummond
Program Manager


cc: [agency's name and address]

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