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Outdoor Recreation Planning Series 0023

Outdoor Recreation Planning Series, 0023

Individual Occupational Requirements


Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Major study -- outdoor recreation planning or a related field such as: sociology, forestry, landscape architecture, economics, biological science, park administration, earth science, natural resource management and conservation, civil engineering, urban planning, or recreation. Applicants who qualify on the basis of graduate work in related disciplines must have one or more courses in outdoor recreation.



General Experience (for GS-5 positions): Experience that provided a knowledge of the requirements and practices of outdoor recreation planning or natural resource utilization and conservation.

Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5): Experience that demonstrated the ability to plan and coordinate the use of land, water, and related resources for recreation and conservation purposes. Examples of qualifying specialized experience include:

  • Ability to deal with people of differing backgrounds and behavioral patterns.
  • Analysis and evaluation of outdoor recreation interests, habits, and needs of diversified groups, and the means for meeting those needs.
  • Evaluation of land or water areas for their recreation and related potential use, such as wildlife reserve.
  • Preparation or review of plans and programs for natural resource utilization and recreation area development.
  • Solution of administrative, intergovernmental, socioeconomic, and other problems involved in providing adequate recreation opportunities while preserving, restoring, and enhancing the quality of the outdoor environment.

For Department Of The Interior Positions With Pilot Duties

Applicants must:

  • Possess a current FAA Commercial Airman Certificate with ratings appropriate for the duties performed;
  • Possess an instrument rating;
  • Have completed a minimum of 500 hours of flight time as Pilot-in-Command and 25 hours of flight time as Pilot-in-Command at night; and
  • Possess a current Class II Medical Certificate.
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