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Annual Leave Accrual Rates for Senior Executive Service, Senior Level and Scientific or Professional Positions, or Equivalent Pay Systems

Fact Sheet: Annual Leave Accrual Rates for Senior Executive Service, Senior Level and Scientific or Professional Positions, or Equivalent Pay Systems

Members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), employees in senior level (SL) and scientific or professional (ST) positions accrue annual leave at the rate of 1 day (8 hours) for each full biweekly pay period.

In addition OPM has extended coverage for the 8-hour category to employees in the following equivalent categories:

AgencyEmployee Category
Armed Forces Retirement Home Chief Operating Officer
Corporation for National and Community Service Employees in NX-2 pay band
Defense Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
Defense Intelligence Senior Level employees paid under 10 U.S.C. 1602
Highly Qualified Experts, paid under 5 U.S.C. 9903(b)
Senior Cryptologic Executive Service
Denali Commission Federal Co-Chair
Education Institute of Education Sciences, Commissioners appointed under 20 U.S.C. 9517(a)(2)
National Assessment Governing Board, Executive Director
Energy Employees in Pay Band V of the EJ, EK, and EN excepted pay systems
Program Directors in pay bands II and III of the ET pay system
Farm Credit Administration Employees in grades VH 42-45
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Corporate Expert (CX) positions
Executive Manager (EM) positions
Federal Housing Finance Board TF-1 through TF-5 employees
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Executive Director
Government Printing Office Deputy Public Printer and Senior Level Service (SLS) employees
Homeland Security AD position transferred from the Department of Energy under the authority of P.L. 107-296, Section 303
Advanced Research Projects Agency, employees under section 307(b)(6) of P.L. 107-296
Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Senior Executive Service
Executive Office of the U.S. Trustees' employees paid under 28 U.S.C. 587
Federal Bureau of Investigation Senior Executive Service
Library of Congress Executive Schedule (EX) positions - i.e., the Deputy Librarian of Congress, the Director of the Congressional Research Service, and the Register of Copyrights
Morris K. Udall Foundation Executive Director
National Council on Disability Executive Director
National Credit Union Administration Senior Staff positions
National Defense University AD employees hired under 10 U.S.C. 1595
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Senior Level System (SLS) employees
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Employees appointed under 42 U.S.C. 10266(b)
Office of the Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight OF23 - OF27 employees
State Senior Foreign Service
Treasury Internal Revenue Service streamlined critical pay employees paid under 5 U.S.C. 9503
U.S. Agency for International Development Senior-level employees appointed under 22 U.S.C. 2385(b)
U.S. Holocaust Museum Deputy Chief Information Officer
Senior Counsel and Director, External Affairs

Agency heads may request that OPM authorize an 8-hour annual leave accrual rate for employees who hold positions covered by pay systems which they believe are equivalent to the SES or SL/ST pay system. (See Extension of Higher Annual Leave Accrual Rate to SES and SL/ST Equivalent Pay Systems.)


  • 5 U.S.C. 6303(f)
  • 5 CFR 630.301(a), (b), (c), and (d)

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