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Agency Leadership Solutions



Let us help transform your agency's most immediate leadership challenges into opportunities. With more than 50 years of experience in leadership development, we have seen almost every challenge faced by federal agencies, as well as their executives and managers. We work with your organization to assess leadership training needs for your specific agency competencies. With a firm grasp on industry best practices and techniques, we offer everything from needs assessment to coaching to outcome evaluation – all tailored to meet your agency’s specific needs and objectives.

Why Agency Solutions?

Whether your agency has undergone a reorganization or taken on a new initiative, you’ll likely need effective leadership development programs to support those efforts. Our innovative products and services are comprehensive in design and approach, helping you strategize and improve your organization’s performance by transforming leaders at all levels. 

Our solutions include:

Our programs are:

  • Flexible in location and length
  • Created by thought leaders who know government
  • Based on federal leadership competencies and requirements

About Us

The Center for Leadership Development's customized leadership development solutions are offered through the Federal Executive Institute's Enterprise Leadership Solutions. Contact us at (202) 936-0048 or 

Agency Leadership Programs

Our consultants address your specific needs with customer-centric solutions that support your workforce. We can design a program that meets the scope and size of your organization and provide subject-matter experts to help address your agency’s challenges.

  • Custom Workshops to build strong leadership competencies
  • Team Development Programs to help you and your associates work more effectively, especially across organizational or geographic barriers
  • Facilitated Planning Programs that focus on mission, budget, technology, strategic planning, performance improvement, and other critical issues
  • Organizational and Individual Assessments to help you understand your staff’s needs and optimal alignment

Coaching Services

We offer executive and leadership coaching services for groups within your agency. Our coaching services provide a sustained partnership, focused on improving effectiveness in your organization. Coaches can help identify your employees’ developmental goals and pursue a plan to achieve them in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment.

Contact us at to bring coaching services to your agency.

Benefits to your employees

  • Increased effectiveness through improved self-awareness of patterns and behavior and how those factors influence your organization’s success
  • Development of new competencies designed to achieve specific goals
  • Coaching is voluntary, confidential, and tailored to employee expectations and schedule

Benefits for your agency

  • Coaching creates and supports a learning culture in an agency, creating a domino effect of growth development within the organization
  • Your agency can participate in setting general goals for the coaching process.

Individual coaching

Looking for coaching as an individual? Register for our individual coaching services and improve effectiveness in your organization. 

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