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Federal HR Institute



The Federal HR Institute (FHRI) is a central hub for federal HR practitioners’ development. Courses are designed by federal HR experts to continuously develop HR specialists from entry- through senior-level positions. FHRI’s curriculum is designed for the federal HR workforce to both advance individual growth and development and build organizational capacity and competence. 


All courses offered by the Federal HR Institute (FHRI) can be taken individually or delivered as agency cohorts (in person or online). FHRI provides government-to-government solutions for individuals from any agency and for organizations through inter-agency agreements or government purchase cards.

FHRI’s courses span across functional areas of federal HR and are aligned for employees from GS-5 to GS-15. The FHRI program improves employee performance and supports successful execution of agency’s human capital management services.

Programs of Study

FHRI course objectives and activities support mastery of core HR competencies throughout the HR career path. Course are offered from introductory and entry level through strategic learning initiatives. This continuum of learning provides opportunities for career development and advancement in the HR field.

The curriculum is based on career mapping for HR practitioners and analyses of required competencies developed by cross agency collaboration of federal HR subject matter experts. View the Curriculum Map.

Programs for Agencies

All courses, including Delegated Examining training and certification, can be taken individually or delivered as agency cohorts (in person or online). FHRI provides government-to-government solutions for individuals from any agency and for organizations through inter-agency agreements or government purchase cards.

Contact us to learn more about solutions for your agency.

Sample Curriculum - Staffing

Skill Level Foundation Courses Technical Courses Advisory Courses
Apprentice Introduction to HR Management Staffing for Organizational Impact Introduction to Guiding Recruitment and Selection Activities
Foundations of Service Excellence-Staffing Processing Personnel Actions Engaging Others for Effective Staffing
Delegating Examining Certification*   
Practitioner Effective Writing for the HR Professional-Staffing Introduction to Staff Acquisition Activities in the Merit Promotion Process Guiding Recruitment and Selection Activities-Workshop
Staffing Laws and Regulations Introduction to Selection Activities in the Merit Promotion Process  
Expert The Federal Hiring Process for Staffing Specialists Staff Acquisition Activities in the Merit Promotion Process-Workshop Evaluating Staffing Initiatives
Staffing Programs for Special Populations Workforce Planning Basics Strategic Recruiting

*Delegated Examining requires supervisory and sponsoring federal agency approval

Delegated Examining Certification


Delegated Examining (DE) authority is an authority OPM delegates to agencies to fill competitive civil service jobs through a competitive process open to all U.S. citizens, including current employees. HR practitioners involved in DE activities can validate their skills and knowledge through the OPM's Delegated Examining Certification Program, administered by the Federal HR Institute.  

Delegated Examining Certification Program

DE certification is typically completed in three phases: 

  1. OPM’s Delegated Examining training course
  2. On-the-job experience (recommended 90-day minimum)
  3. Certification assessment

Both DE training and certification require supervisory approval with a sponsoring federal agency. 

DE Training Course: 

OPM’s Delegated Examining (DE) training course develops critical competencies for HR specialists to successfully execute DE activities, including conducting job analyses; accepting and processing applications; adjudicating veterans' preference; rating and ranking candidates; applying category rating procedures; and certifying eligibles. The training content includes learning content and workplace simulation through virtual instructor-led training over five days. 

DE training is not required but is highly recommended to support development of critical competencies and knowledge. 

View the current DE training schedule.

DE Certification Assessment:

The DE assessment can be purchased separately or bundled with the training course. The assessment can be taken in a remote proctored session or at an in-person facility. Upon successful completion of the DE assessment, the HR specialist is certified in DE activities for a period of three years before recertification is required.

Additional DE Resources:

General Program Information:

DE Training Course Information:

DE Assessment Information:

DE Handbook:

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The FHRI team has extensive expertise, experience, and knowledge in policy, service, oversight, and evaluation; training and development; and HR processes and policy. As a result, FHRI’s curriculum is designed, developed, and delivered in dynamic and enriching ways to build HR knowledge and skills across the Federal Government

Our decades of experience and dynamic partnerships give immediate value to participants. We partner with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council and its network of agency subject matter experts throughout course development. Similar to the competency modeling and career mapping, these partnerships ensure an exceptional participant experience.

Contact us for questions about courses, partnerships, or solutions for your agency.  

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