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Federal HR Institute



Are you ready to take your HR career to new heights? The Federal HR Institute (FHRI) specializes in professional HR development courses designed by federal HR experts to continuously develop HR specialists from entry- through senior-level positions.

FHRI is committed to empowering individuals like you to gain the skills and credentials you need to advance your career and make a meaningful impact within the federal workforce. As part of OPM’s Human Resources Solutions (HRS) Center for Leadership Development (CLD), our vision is to provide learning that inspires action.


FHRI’s curriculum is specifically designed for the federal HR workforce to advance individual growth and development and build organizational capacity and competence. 

Courses offered by FHRI can be taken individually (open enrollment) or delivered as agency cohorts (in person or online). FHRI provides government-to-government solutions to meet your needs. Whether you prefer in-person workshops, virtual seminars, self-paced online modules, or a combination of these, FHRI offers flexible learning opportunities tailored to your schedule and learning style.

FHRI’s courses span across functional areas of federal HR and are aligned for employees from GS-5 to GS-15. The FHRI program improves employee performance and supports successful execution of federal agencies’ human capital management services.

Programs of Study

FHRI course objectives and activities support mastery of core HR competencies throughout your HR career path. Courses are offered from introductory and entry level through strategic learning initiatives. This continuum of learning provides opportunities for career development and skill-building in the HR field.

Our curriculum is based on career mapping for HR practitioners and analyses of required competencies developed by cross-agency collaboration of federal HR subject matter experts. View the Curriculum Map.

All courses, including Delegated Examining training, can be taken individually or delivered as agency cohorts (in person or online). Contact us to learn more about solutions for your agency.

Course Offerings

Self-Paced Online Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Advanced Level VILT Workshops

Blended Courses (part self-paced online, and part VILT)

Delegated Examining Certification


The Delegated Examining (DE) Certification Program was developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for human resources professionals who are responsible for conducting competitive examinations and making selections for federal government positions. The program aims to ensure that these professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively carry out their duties in accordance with federal laws, regulations, and best practices.


The Delegated Examining program can be traced back to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, which emphasized merit-based hiring and the establishment of competitive examination procedures for federal employment. Delegated examining exists primarily to streamline and standardize the recruitment process within government agencies while ensuring fairness, transparency, and adherence to merit-based principles. This process helps to identify the most suitable candidates for vacant positions, promoting the recruitment of individuals based on merit rather than favoritism or bias. Additionally, delegated examining helps to uphold the principles of equal opportunity and diversity in the workforce, as it ensures that all applicants are evaluated fairly and without discrimination. Overall, delegated examining exists to strengthen the integrity and effectiveness of the government's hiring practices, ultimately serving the public interest by ensuring that qualified individuals are selected to serve in critical roles within government agencies.

As part of this reform effort, OPM was tasked with developing standards and procedures for merit-based personnel management, including the delegation of examining authority to federal agencies. By delegating the authority to conduct examinations and make hiring decisions to designated individuals or offices, government agencies can efficiently assess candidates' qualifications, skills, and experience.

Delegated Examining Certification Program

The DE program covers a range of topics, including federal hiring laws and regulations, job analysis and classification, assessment techniques, diversity and inclusion principles, and applicant rights and protections. Participants in the program undergo training, on the job experience, and assessment to demonstrate their proficiency in these areas and receive certification upon successful completion.

The DE program is typically completed in three phases: 

  1. OPM’s Delegated Examining training course
  2. On-the-job experience (recommended 90-day minimum)
  3. Certification assessment

Both the DE training and assessment require supervisory approval under a sponsoring federal agency. 

To access DE training and resources, or to schedule an assessment, individuals must have an account in the DE Certification Information System (DECIS). Individuals must have a .gov or .mil email address to use the system.

DE Training Course: 

OPM’s Delegated Examining (DE) training course develops critical competencies for HR specialists to successfully execute DE activities, including conducting job analyses; accepting and processing applications; adjudicating veterans' preference; rating and ranking candidates; applying category rating procedures; and certifying eligibles. The training content includes learning content and workplace simulation through virtual instructor-led training.

DE training is highly recommended to support development of critical competencies and knowledge before taking the DE certification assessment.

DE Certification Assessment:

The DE certification assessment can be taken in a remote proctored session or at an in-person proctored testing facility. Upon successful completion of the DE assessment, the HR specialist is certified in DE activities for a period of three years before recertification is required.


Contact Us

The FHRI team has extensive expertise, experience, and knowledge in policy, service, oversight, and evaluation; training and development; and HR processes and policy. As a result, FHRI’s curriculum is designed, developed, and delivered in dynamic and enriching ways to build HR knowledge and skills across the Federal Government

Our decades of experience and dynamic partnerships give immediate value to participants. We partner with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council and its network of agency subject matter experts throughout course development. Similar to the competency modeling and career mapping, these partnerships ensure an exceptional participant experience.

Contact us for questions about courses, partnerships, or solutions for your agency.  

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