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Talent Management Service Model


HR LOB Modernization Roadmap

The HR LOB Modernization Roadmap is a strategic document intended to help drive the future direction of human resources information technology by presenting sound ideas for effective and efficient management of Federal HRIT.  It outlines the current state of Federal Human Resources Information Technology (HRIT), the desired future conceptual architecture of Federal HRIT, the high level roadmap to reach the future conceptual architecture, and funding strategies to support achievement of the roadmap.  The modernization strategy inherent in this Roadmap will provide flexibility for solution providers to build and deliver the applications that the marketplace needs while remaining consistent with the principles of modularity, openness, flexibility, security, and effective management of information as a strategic asset.

Integration Support Project

The Integration Support Project (ISP) provides end-to-end integration views and describes the interrelationships of the governmentwide HR systems principally owned by OPM. It compiles system information and resources that will help the HR LOB SSCs and customer agencies effectively plan, design, and implement HR solutions that will interoperate with one another and with agency-specific solutions to achieve an integrated HR information technology environment.

HR LOB Integration Support Project (ISP) version 1 - February 20, 2009 - With participation and support from customer agencies, HR LOB SSCs, and OPM system owners, the HR LOB completes the first ever end-to-end integration view of OPM governmentwide HR systems.

Identity & Authentication Reference Model

The Identity and Authentication Reference Model (IARM) is a referential framework established to provide a unified approach and understanding of E-Authentication in the face of divergent agency interpretations. The model defines key relational elements between "authentication" and " identity" as it applies to the Human Resource Line of Business (HR LOB).

HR LOB Identity and Authentication Reference Model (IARM) version 1 - August 31, 2010 - With participation and support of key subject matter experts, the HR LOB completes this first ever E-Authentication implementation planning and solution architecture development guide for system owners, IT managers, procurement officials, program and project sponsors, technical and system architects, security architects, systems integrators, vendors, service providers, and supporting contractors operating or interested in the HR LOB domain.

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