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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Build a Workforce that Reflects the Diversity of America

Even with decades of progress building a federal workforce that reflects America, the enduring legacies of employment discrimination, systemic racism, and gender inequality are still felt today. Too many underserved communities remain under-represented in the federal workforce, especially in positions of leadership.

For your agency to gain maximum benefit from focusing on the administration’s priority of a more diverse workforce, every employee needs to feel welcome and motivated to work to their greatest potential. Removing barriers to equal opportunity and strengthening the ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain the best talent results in better outcomes for the American public.

How HR Solutions Can Help

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplaces yield higher-performing organizations. Addressing challenges from varied perspectives helps agencies more effectively serve all communities. At HR Solutions, our goal has always been simple – to give agencies tools to foster a culture that builds and retains a workforce that reflects our nation.

Regardless of where your organization is in reaching your diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility goals, HR Solutions can partner with you to build a foundation and take you beyond compliance. Work confidently with our experts, who bring a depth and breadth of knowledge from across the entire HR lifecycle, to address your implementation needs.

Strategize: Identify Ways to Achieve Your Goals

  • Strategic and action planning: Identify and establish program and management goals, define outcomes, construct progress evaluation plans, and determine metrics to measure success.
  • Workforce planning: Evaluate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in workforce plans through multiple lenses and devise approaches that further goals.
  • Succession planning: Execute more inclusive succession planning initiatives that allow for greater equity and diversity in the process.
  • Position classification: Reinforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility principles through fair and objective classification programs to affirm equal pay for equal work.

Acquire: Recruit, Assess, Select, and Onboard Employees

  • USAJOBS®: Attract the best talent through targeted recruitment campaigns, including searching over 1.5M resumes, and promoting hiring events. Post job opportunities to access data on how applicants flow through the hiring process and other trends.
  • USA Staffing®: Identify potential barriers to hiring using anonymous job seeker demographic data and information on how applicants progress through the hiring process with our staffing software as a service.
  • Staff acquisition: Devise recruitment and branding strategies to more effectively attract diverse and highly-qualified candidate pools.
  • Onboarding assessments: Measure new employee experiences, including those that influence how they adapt to their organization and whether they stay.

Engage: Sustain a Highly Capable and Committed Workforce

  • Surveys: Assess critical factors to meet ongoing government-wide reporting and strategic planning requirements.
  • Assessments: Conduct deep dives into your organization’s climate and culture to identify organizational strengths and opportunities for improvements.
  • Program and impact evaluations: Evaluate data on program design, implementation, and impact to demonstrate the effectiveness of initiatives.
  • Education, training, and development: Deepen understanding of complex diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility challenges and learn actions to take to foster a change in culture.
  • Change management: Create positive change through clear communication. Establish milestones, stakeholder actions, regular touch points, critical messaging, and key performance indicators.
  • Performance management: Improve performance standards and elements by reducing subjectivity and bias. Identify the right performance appraisal strategy to ensure accountability, fairness, and alignment with your mission.
  • USA Performance®: Provide a more transparent performance appraisal process and evaluate trends with our performance management software as a service.
  • Coaching: Support development in leading diverse organizations and fostering inclusion to enhance overall performance for individuals and teams.
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