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Senior Executive Service Presidential Rank Awards

2015 Presidential Rank Awards

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established the Presidential Rank Awards Program to recognize a select group of career members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) for exceptional performance over an extended period of time. Later, the Rank Award statute was amended to extend eligibility to senior career employees with a sustained record of exceptional professional, technical, and/or scientific achievement recognized on a national or international level. Two categories of Presidential Rank Award are available.

Distinguished Rank Recipients

These individuals are recognized for sustained extraordinary accomplishment, and receive a cash award of 35 percent of their base salary. Only one percent of the career SES or SL/ST may receive this rank.

Meritorious Rank Recipients

These individuals are recognized for sustained accomplishment, and receive a cash award of 20 percent of their base salary. No more than five percent of career SES or SL/ST members may receive this award.

Director's Spotlight

The executives who have been selected as this year’s PRA winners represent the very best in public service, innovation, and commitment to accomplishing the mission of the Federal government. Each one of you serves as a model and a source of inspiration for your colleagues in Federal service and the American people."
Beth Cobert Acting Director, OPM
Dr. John M. Butler

Dr. John M. ButlerDepartment of Commerce

Dr. John M. Butler is an internationally recognized expert in forensic DNA analysis and has written five textbooks that are used globally. He is a Scientific Fellow at the Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the National Commission on Forensic Science.

Kathleen Hogan

Kathleen HoganDepartment of Energy

Kathleen Hogan has helped the country save billions of dollars and avoid millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions over her more than 15 year SES career, first at the EPA and then at the DOE. At DOE, she leads a $650 million program to improve the efficiency of the nation’s homes, buildings, and industries.

Nidak A. Sumrean

Nidak A. SumreanDepartment of the Navy

Mr. Sumrean currently serves as the Executive Director of the Program Executive Office (PEO), Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). In this position, he is the senior civilian official responsible for the daily operations of the PEO and manages an annual budget of $2.9B.

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