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Assessment Method Considerations

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing an assessment method. Read more about the following considerations in the glossary. Other considerations include the cost of administering an assessment and how the various considerations vary by assessment method.

  • Face Validity/Applicant Reactions
  • Subgroup Differences
  • Utility/Return on Investment
  • Validity

Assessment Method Costs

Cost is often a factor when choosing an assessment method, but there are many different types of costs to keep in mind

  • Some assessments may have higher development costs and require more time, money, and technical expertise to develop.
  • In other cases, some assessments could have higher administration costs and require greater resources (such as time, money, staff, equipment, facilities, and information technology support) to administer.

Summary of Assessment Methods on Five Considerations

The following table provides a summary of how each of the assessment methods discussed in this section rank on five of the assessment considerations covered in this section. Readers are encouraged to consult the specific section for a particular assessment method to fully interpret the rankings presented in this table.

Assessment Method Assessment Consideration
Validity Face Validity Subgroup Differences Development Costs Administration Costs
Accomplishment Records High Moderate Low Moderate Moderate
Assessment Centers Moderate High Low High High
Biographical Data (Biodata) Tests Moderate Moderate Moderate High Low
Cognitive Ability Tests High Moderate High Moderate Low
Emotional Intelligence Tests Moderate Moderate Low High Low
Integrity/Honesty Tests Moderate Moderate Low High Low
Job Knowledge Tests High High High High Low
Personality Tests Moderate Moderate Low High Low
Reference Checking Moderate Moderate Low Moderate Low
Situational Judgment Tests Moderate High Moderate High Low
Structured Interviews High High Low Moderate Moderate
Training and Experience (T & E) Evaluations Low Moderate Low Low Low
Work Samples and Simulations High High Low High High

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